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"Finding a Bulging Disc Cure"

Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist

About 15 years ago, while still a student in college working on getting my degree in physical therapy, I hurt my lower back doing very heavy lifting while in the school gym. 

At that point in my life, at age 26 years old, I was a warrior.  My goals were geared towards building a nice physique, and in impressing others.  Not very practical and certainly not worth an injury to my lower back.

It was not by accident that I found a cure for bulging disc pain and sciatica.  In fact, I had to diligently seek it out and find the answers on getting my back pain better fast just like you

Only I was not fortunate enough to find a cure so easily for my back pain or a website similar to mine with answers I so desperately needed!

Following the injury, I found myself for the next 5 years seeking a remedy for my back pain and sciatica.  I was already practicing as a physical therapist when I found a cure, and it wasn’t even my training that fixed me. 

Initially I did what everyone else did, and exhausted all my resources as a physical therapist.  Imagine, here I was a physical therapist attempting to help others with back pain and sciatica, and I couldn’t even help myself! 

And that all changed.

"The truth about bulging disc back pain and sciatica."

After many years of searching and researching for the cure to my back pain and sciatica, I stumbled upon the truth of the matter.  And it wasn’t at all where I thought it would be!

This is what I found:

  1.  Most people (about 80% of the population) have some sort of herniated disc or bulging disc in their lower back.  Whether they are symptomatic or not.
  2. Spinal manipulation did not work.
  3. Exercises for my trunk mostly irritated my back and gave me more pain.
  4. Medication was helpful, and did not cure me.
  5. Bulging disc pain and sciatica was brought on by stress!

That's correct! Once I was able to correlate these two facts together, the bulging disc pain and sciatica symptoms resolved.  This was a miracle for me, and all without drugs, surgery, exercises, and other treatments. 

Finally, my bulging disc pain was cured!

"The cure for bulging disc back pain and sciatica."

I have found in my clinic that those individuals with the greatest amounts of stress end up with the most back pain and/or sciatica symptoms. 

What our mind does in order to protect us from ourselves is create a diversion from the stress we have created or built up inside ourselves.  It is a protective response or coping mechanism in the form of back pain and sciatica.  Think about how effective this tool can be for your brain!

What your brain does is create a dynamic solution to stress.  It creates some very real pain in your back and uses this in a way to prevent you from thinking about anything but your back pain. 

Now instead of thinking about the possible stressors in your life, you now think about your back pain and sciatica.  This becomes an incredible way to divert your attention away from your stress.

This is very powerful stuff. 

The exact mechanism on how the brain does this is explained in more detail when you get my special report.

The sooner you are able to come to grips with how the mind and body are connected, the faster you will be at healing yourself and curing back pain.

After you get my special report, you’ll understand the secret behind stress and the cure for back pain and sciatica.

You will have the system to healing and curing back pain permanently.

That is what you want, right?

"So how do you cure bulging disc pain?"

Well you will never eliminate stress from your life.  It is a biological fact.  Reducing stress can be of some help in the form of exercise and relaxation techniques like those found in yoga.  But these are only temporary solutions to long term problem.

There is however a better way, a more permanent solution.  A simple and yet effective "system" that I have outlined in my special report the keys to the cure for back pain and sciatica. 

Knowing why the mind creates back pain and sciatica is only half the answer.  The other half is located in my special report; the answer for stopping the mind from creating the back pain in the first place.

Becoming aware of the potential of my special report allows you to start experiencing the inner sense of realizing how completely this information fits your needs.

You will be astonished at just how simple this "system" is and how effective it will be in the resolution of your back pain and sciatica.

I know it works, because I use it with many of my patients.  And the results are always excellent!  This is not a guessing game....it down right works.  The proof is in my own success and the success of my many clients who use it.  Just have a look at some of my testimonials.

As a person who is actively in the healthcare profession and treating back pain and sciatica patients, I myself never would have believed any of this if not for my own personal experience. 

My special report will reveal a system that will certainly open up your eyes as they did mine.  Now I see and treat back pain patients in a whole new way.  And with much greater long term success.

Thinking about being pain free causes you to understand that this special report is exactly what you need.

As this has worked for me, it will work for you too.  I sincerely hope you do not continue to stay in pain by not ordering my special report right now. 

My special report reveals a "system" with THE ANSWER! The Right answer to permanent back pain relief.


Good Luck,

Tommy Hoffman


"Don't spend more time with bulging disc pain by not finding out the truth today!"


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