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"Bulging Disc Treatment Options"

Bulging Disc Pain treatment is usually performed by a professional to provide pain relief and a restoration of the lower back due to a myriad of conditions related to back pain.

Back Pain Treatment for a bulging disc can come in many forms, some conventional and some not so conventional.  And so relief of a bulging disc can also come from more than one source, or a combination of back pain treatment sources.

As I were to have a bulging disc pain today, I would turn over each and every stone searching for the correct back pain therapy and healing Back Pain Treatment.  Why should you limit or be closed minded over just one course of treatment, right?

Bulging Disc Treatment List

Treatment for bulging disc pain can be boiled down to a relatively short list of options:

  1. Physical therapy treatment for bulging disc pain.
  2. Chiropractic treatment for bulging disc pain.
  3. Physician visits which usually include medication(s).
  4. Acupuncture treatment for bulging disc pain.
  5. Acupressure treatment for bulging disc pain.
  6. Surgical intervention for a bulging disc with back pain.
  7. Self back pain treatment for a bulging disc with back pain.

What I like about the last one, "self back pain treatment" for your bulging disc, is the emphasis on personal empowerment over one’s own ability to help heal and quickly fix your own painful condition.

Don't let anyone tell you different, bulging disc pain treatment can be peformed at home and done effectively following some expert advice on fixing a bulging disc.

Bulging Disc Treatment at Home

I have been a physical therapist for over 14 years. And what I have found to be the most effective treatment for back pain due to a bulging disc are these three simple steps:

Step 1. Regular use of a cold pack placed at the level of the bulging disc (important to know the location which is normally found on MRI). This back pain treatment can be done at home.

Step 2. Use of some self traction techniques to open up the space of the pinched nerve caused by the bulging disc. This back pain treatment can be done at home.

Step 3. Regular practice of one simple exercise to decompress the area of said bulging disc. This back pain treatment can be done at home.

Below you will find a quick video demonstration of the bulging disc pain treatment exercise most recommended for a bulging disc. This exercise is meant to "centralize" your bulging disc and move the impingement off the involved nerve root(s).

As your bulging disc begins to heal, you will notice a "centralization" of symptoms. Meaning, symptoms may come out of you leg(s) and reside primarily in your lower back. This is normal and actually a sign that you are mending your bulging disc.

Follow my simple three step bulging disc pain treatment program, and you will soon find you have quickly fixed your bulging disc back pain.


Good Luck,

Tommy Hoffman


"Prone Press-Up" or "Upward Dog" Variation

Purpose: Decompress the lower lumbar spine. Great back pain exercise for a "bulging disc" and "herniated discs". Works to drive the disc forward and away from the spinal nerve(s).


Lie face down on stomach, elbows bent, hands along side face.

Push up onto elbows, keep hips on the floor.

Do not force movement or go into pain.

Exhale completely at top position.

Return to start position.

Perform this bulging disc pain treatment exercise between 10 to 15 times.


Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist


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