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Hot Tip

Never use a hot pack, hot tub or heating pad during the first three weeks of a lower back pain injury.

During the first three weeks your condition is considered to be in it's "acute stage".

The application of a heat modality during the acute stage is considered by most medical professionals to be contra-indicated.

Applying a heat modality is likely to prolong or make your condition worse.

Consider using a cold pack or ice pack to reduce inflammation during this "acute" stage of the injury and speed up the healing process today!


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Bulging Disc in lower back healed fast.

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“Heal a Bulging Disc in Lower Back Fast”

Below you will find a wealth of information on topics associated with healing back pain, curing back pain, lower back bulging disc pain, sciatica, lumbar stenois, and much, much more.

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"Common Conditions of Lower Back Pain"

"Related Information on Healing Lower Back Pain"

Below you will find a list of some very useful articles on lower back pain, bulging discs, slipped discs, chronic back pain, sciatica, and more. Enjoy!

Some of these articles have been featured on as expert status.

"Lower Back Pain & Numbness in Legs"

Back pain will on occasion coincide with symptoms of numbness in the legs.   The usual culprits of back pain with associated numbness are bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica, stenosis, osteophytes, and degenerative disc disease...more.


"Acupuncture for a Bulging Disc Lower Back Pain"

As I were to have a bulging disc in lower back today, I would make every attempt to seek out each and every option made available to me in order to heal and cure my condition as soon as humanly possible.  And that would include treatments like acupuncture...more.


"Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy - Solution"

It is not uncommon to experience lower back pain during pregnancy, especially as pre-existing conditions such as a bulging discs or herniated discs have been previously diagnosed.  Women with a history of back pain...more.


"Who Should be your bulging disc in lower back pain doctor?"

Back pain doctors may come in the form of many specialists.  Initially, many back pain suffers seek medical attention at the office of their primary care physician.  The primary care doctor is usually a trusted health care practioner... more.


"Review - Lower Back pain products"

As an authority on back pain with an expertise in physical therapy, I can only tell you what products absolutely work for the relief back pain symptoms and which back pain products simply don’t  work...more.


"Lower Back Bulging Disc - Getting In & Out of the Car Safely"

As it happens often enough, especially during the acute stages of a bulging disc back injury, getting into and out of your car with back pain can prove quite difficult.  It would be great if we could avoid driving...more.


"Bulging Disc in lower back Ultrasound Treatment"

In my profession, I am frequently called upon to perform treatment to clients suffering from a bulging disc diagnosis.  As part of that treatment, and as many physical therapists often do...more.


"Bulging Disc and Lower Back Prevention"

What is that old saying about an ounce of prevention...?  Well whoever said it must have had a bulging disc.  That is because much like many other things in life, especially a bulging disc, prevention is perhaps the best medicine...more.


"Aquatic Therapy for a Bulging Discs"

While a pool may be for some people a great way to keep the children (and themselves) cool in the summer time, it can also serve as an excellent way to perform exercises for your back pain due to a bulging disc...more.


"Bulging Disc Pain due to a slipped disc"

Well as we are being honest, your disc never actually slipped at all.  The term slipped disc, is a layman’s term usually meant to describe a bulging disc or herniated disc.  People with a slipped disc usually...more.


"How to make a Neck Pillow- Free"

For those people suffering from a cervical bulging disc, getting a “good” night sleep can pose as quite a challenge.  Some physicians may recommend the purchase and use...more.


"Yoga for Healing Bulging Disc Lower Back Pain"

Contrary to what most people might think, yoga is not merely a bunch of stretching exercises or a myriad of postures that one holds.  It is far more complex and actually constitutes as a way of life for ...more.


"Bulging Disc Nocebo Effect"

Most people have heard of the Placebo Effect and have at least some idea on what it is and how it works, but not many people are familiar with the Nocebo Effect.  While the placebo effect, when it occurs, yields a positive outcome...more.


"Bulging Disc pain and sleeping postures." Speed up healing.

Sleeping posture involves the position of your body while sleeping.  An individual may prefer a particular sleeping position that.....more.


"Healing Bulging Disc Pain with Epidural Steroids."

The primary goal of treating chronic back pain with epidural steroids is to decrease the frequency and/or intensity of pain, and improve function overall...more.


"Stress- What’s a Bulging Disc to do?"

Bulging disc in lower back pain in itself can give rise to a certain amount of anxiety and stress.  It can exacerbate an already painful condition and create feelings of doubt, desperation and fear.  These feelings can actually be quite normal for the average back pain sufferer.  And even a fair amount of stress can...more.


"Role of Fibromyalgia and back pain."

Fibromyalgia is a non-articular rheumatic disorder that affects approximately 7 million Americans, of which 70 to 90% are mostly women between....more.


"Hot or Cold packs for healing bulging discs lower back pain?"

The answer to whether or not you should use a hot or cold pack for healing up your painful lower back is; it depends.  You see, depending on whether or not your condition...more.


"Trigger points and symptoms of back pain."

So you think you have a trigger point?  Perhaps you can feel a knot or nodule directly under the skin in the muscle(s) of your lower back?  Perhaps the area......more.


"Neck Traction at Home"

The benefits of neck traction for the relief of a Bulging Disc or herniated disc have been well known for years. Physical therapists and chiropractors utilize neck traction...more.


"Lower Back Bulging or Herniated Disc - 5 Tips for Developing a Pain Free Back"

We all look for tips, tricks and the ever allusive magic bullet when trying to find "the cure" for BULGING DISC in lower back pain.  As there was a secret "pill" or panacea, we would...more.


"Back Pain & Constipation Connected"

Constipation can bring about lower back pain during intense moments of a bowel movement.  Most likely there is already an underlying condition, much like a bulging or herniated disc, and the condition becomes exacerbated...more.


Back Problems – Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Whether your back problems are symptoms of lower back pain that present with joint stiffness, muscle tightness, spasms, weakness, or numbness; you are not alone...more.


What is a Bulged Disc in Lower Back?

A bulged disc is synonymous with a bulging disc and is very similar to a herniated disc diagnosis.  A bulged disc may occur anywhere in the spine...more.


Laminectomy for Lower Back Bulging Discs

A laminectomy is often referred to as a form of spinal decompression.  The surgical procedure entails the removal...more.


"Bulging Disc or Ruptured Disk: Disk in Lower Back"

A ruptured disk is synonymous with a herniated disk and is very similar to a bulging disk.  A ruptured disk may occur anywhere in the spine, but is most common in the cervical and lumbar regions of the back...more.


“Lower Back Pain & Nausea Connected”

The Feeling of nausea due in part to lower back pain is a bodily reaction from the release of adrenaline into the system caused by one’s stress.  This response to stress is not terribly uncommon for many back pain sufferers...more.


How to Lose the Attachment to Lower Back Pain?

Part of the problem with losing back pain associated with a bulging or herniated disc is the attachment we make to it.  Back pain has the uncanny ability to sort of become what we “identify” with ...more.


"When a hurtful lower back becomes chronic." Knowledge helps healing.

Unfortunately as you may have hurt your back several months ago, your condition may now be deemed to be chronic in nature.  A chronic lower back pain....more.


"The treadmill and bulging disc pain." Help the healing process go faster by walking?

Despite what might seem like primarily a cardio vascular workout designed at targeting the lower extremities, the treadmill may well be an excellent way to restore...more.


"Keeping a lower back pain journal."

Keeping a journal after incurring a back injury can be quite helpful.  Sometimes even necessary.  Especially as it relates to an injury....more.


"Bulging Disc Pain MIS-diagnosed." Heal faster with a proper diagnosis.

It goes without saying, as a lower back pain condition is inaccurately diagnosed, then the treatment geared towards that diagnosis is........more.


"Bulging disc in lower back and proper sitting posture."

Since poor sitting posture is so habitual for many people, it is almost undetectable most of the time.  And unless we know what good sitting...more.


"Proper lifting to protect a bulging disc."

You have heard it all before "lift this way, or bend that way, push and don’t pull towards you."  All these guidelines and techniques geared....more.


"Healing bulging disc pain with core stability."

When core stability of the lumbar spine is poor or unable to handle the physical stress and strain of everyday activity, lower back pain is sure to follow.  We must....more.


"Understanding Spinal Stenosis."

Spinal stenosis presents with lower back pain and/or radiating pain into the leg(s), often referred to by physicians as lumbar radiculopathy.  Usually, with spinal stenosis....more.


"Overcome fear avoidance to heal a bulging disc."

Fear avoidance is a psycho-social factor that can have a major impact on lower back pain and sciatica.  It is the subconscious or conscious act...more.


"Healing bulging disc pain and you!"

Most acute lower back pain conditions (conditions between 0 and three weeks) resolve spontaneously without much intervention.  In fact, 40 to 90% of most....more.


"Basic Stretching Guidelines for Healing a Bulging Disc in Lower back"

To help the body maintain the ability to perform normal function there must be a proper balance in the amount of flexibility in the joints and muscles around...more.


"Why use a TENS unit for Lower Back Pain?" Fast back pain relief while healing.

A TENS unit is an electrical modality frequently found in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics.  It stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS for short....more.


"Bulging disc lower back pain and Chiropractic Care"

I think chiropractors have their place within the medical field and can certainly do an excellent job of manipulating the spine when needed. However, it has been my experience that just likes any other course of treatment; chiropractic care is not always such a great fit...more.


"Follow these three steps to quickly fix your bulging disc in lower back"

Treatment for a bulging disc in lower back can come in many forms, some conventional and some not so conventional.  And so relief of a bulging disc can also come from more than one source, or a combination...more.


"Spinal Decompression Alternative"

Every wonder why neurosurgeons tend to push spinal decompression surgery for back pain?  Well I have, and so should you as you are considering such a surgery...more.


"How to make a cold pack for healing bulging disc in lower back faster"

As your condition falls within the first three weeks of a back pain episode, use only a cold pack. Due to the recent onset of inflammation in your lower back, and bleeding capillaries, you want to restrict blood flow...more.


“What is massage therapy – About therapeutic massage”

Massage therapy is known as the healing power of touch.  Massage is performed by a certified massage therapist to gently push, press, and stretch the soft tissues of the body...more.


"Upper BACK PAIN - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment"

Information related to upper back pain relief should start with a basic understanding of just what “upper back pain” symptoms are and why we sometimes get them...more.


“Right Side Back Pain"

Do you suffer from back pain on right side?  Do you wonder what causes back pain on right side?  I have personally experienced right side back pain...more.


"Pain Management & Chronic Back Pain"

Back pain management is about pain treatment plans devised by a physician for chronic lower back pain patients.  Back pain management physicians practice interventional pain management to relinquish pain symptoms...more.


"Dry Needling"

Dry needling techniques can ease muscle pain intensity for conditions related to back pain, lower back pain, bulging discs, herniated discs and sciatica.  Dry needling...more.


A disc protrusion and lower back pain.

A disc protrusion is synonymous with a bulging disc, or bulged disc.  A protrusion of a disc occurs when the the intervertebral “disc” bulges...more.

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